Benelli 752 S test: climbing step by step

Benelli (Benelli) is a brand 15 years ago, it has re-emerged in countless history, and now can prove that the brand is full of vitality and vitality. With the 752S, you will enter the large motorcycle market, and after gaining experience with motorcycles specifically designed for A2 licenses, the next step is logical.

Benelli actually disappeared from the map in the 90s, just like other brands, from disappearing completely to a journey through the desert, from one hand after another to a failed project, to a bad one. project.

Like many other European brands with a long history, its decline began in the 1970s. In the case of Benelli, the turning point may begin with the Tornado 650, a sports two-cylinder made in the UK. Although it has no bad reputation, it is not very successful. . In the 70s, along with one of the Bento brothers or the “sister” brand MotoBi founded by Moto Guzzi, they merged into the great De Tomaso Group. They launched two-stroke two-cylinder cars and the “Quattro” series. The style of the certification body. Honda has a four-cylinder engine with a power from 250 to 654 and a range from 350 to 500, almost like a swan song, the precious and problematic 750 and 900 “Sei” six-cylinders. In the 80s, the brand gradually lost its strength; in the 90s, a small motorcycle appeared and tried to return. But it wasn’t until the end of this century that the first step in the relaunch was confirmed to this day.

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Again, the attempt failed. With a new owner and a large amount of investment, the revolutionary Tornado Tre was created. This is a radical sports car with three cylinders and full of new technologies at the time, such as the chassis and aviation glue. The anti-skid clutch is even new. The “upside down” cooling circuit: He installed an electric fan at the rear of the bicycle, which should absorb heat from the engine. This always brings temperature problems, it costs money like a tanker, and has encountered all kinds of problems, despite an excellent cycle component and an interesting engine (the largest engine) reaching more than 160 horsepower. What followed was the entire TnT (Tornado Naked Tre) series, and nowadays almost forgotten off-road asphalt sports, it uses the same engine Tre-K 1130, although they are much better than the original sports car, but they are not The predecessor that can lift it has a bad reputation.

In 2005, the brand was controlled by Qianjiang. The Chinese are the owners of Keeway and put money into it from the beginning to let the brand manage 1,130 models and derivatives-they showed Rs 600 crore, bare four-cylinders and some ordinary motorcycles, and achieved relative Success. With the advent of the 502 engine, especially in the arrival of the A2 card, the brand re-launched the 502 engine, especially in the application on the TRK track. All sales were successful, which allowed the brand to integrate into One of the specific reference products. The motorcycle with the A2 license. It’s time to climb a higher bike again. 752 S.

How about BENELLI 752 S

After going through such a long history, you should not forget the various scooters attempts at the beginning of this century, off-road projects without any progress, and other experiments. The Pesaro brand (still designed there) has learned this lesson well, Now they have no thread and can’t sew.

The 502 series is a success. The retro Benelli Imperiale 400 is specifically designed for this segment. Yes, not only that, but it can also compete with Royal Enfield in emerging countries and sell its 350 in emerging countries. We don’t see them here, but they are the best-selling segment in the market. world. This formula seems to work. If Imperiale is based on Royal Enfield Bullet 350, then Benelli TRK 502 is inspired by BMW R 1200 GS. Now, the Benelli 752 S also uses a successful bike: don’t tell me, it doesn’t look (a bit) like a Ducati monster.

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It is similar to the shape of headlights, multi-tube chassis and some other details without losing its personality. Not plagiarism or plagiarism. All its rear parts are inspired by the Benelli 502 C and other details that make up its own brand style. But when you start and ride it, you will realize that Monster’s inspiration goes further. The intention is clear: to compete in the two-cylinder segment of approximately 70 hp at a more affordable price.

This bike is based on a black multi-tube chassis and is very traditional. The pedal part is completed by the front fork signed by Marzocchi. The diameter of the front fork is not less than 50 mm. It can be adjusted multiple times, and the Sachs rear central shock absorber can be preloaded. It is equipped with Pirelli Angel GT wheels, of course on 17-inch rims, and two huge disc brakes (320 mm) are installed at the front, and are equipped with radial integral Brembo calipers, which are the bike’s One of the advantages. At the rear, it gets a supplementary 260mm disc, and of course mandatory ABS, which is very inconspicuous on this model.

The engine is a short-stroke two-cylinder (88x62mm), which can emit 754cc cubic meters. Following the old tradition of the brand, the motorcycle’s name 752 refers to the displacement of the first two digits (750) and the structure of the later 2-cylinder engine. It uses a four-valve cylinder head with two camshafts. Although it does not appear in the technical documentation in terms of sound and response, I set the crankshaft to 270º, although I will say it again. The message will not appear. It can provide 76 hp at 8,500 rpm and 67 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, similar to Monster 796, Yamaha MT-07 or Suzuki SV 650. Of course, the factory has license A2, and the corresponding price of 48 CV is lower than 76 CV.

The equipment is fairly standard, with some luxurious elements. The large headlamp with double overlapping optics features an LED ring and illuminates the brand name in the center. At the back, the tail lights are also LEDs like indicator lights. It has a mass-adjustable lever, its distance can be adjusted, and under the seat, the position is opened from the lock on the left side of the motorcycle, and it can hold the instruction manual, nothing more. The picture worth mentioning is: TFT screen with dual display, the screen not only changes color in the dark, but also changes where the information appears. Quality control, minimalist bodywork and some mirrors that are not very precise, so you can see what happened after the new Benelli 752 S was completed.

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How BENELLI 752 S works

With a seat height of 810 mm and a running sequence of 226 kg, the Benelli 752 S is one of those motorcycles deceived by people because it is much easier than they suggested. You can reach the ground well at almost any height, and the bike will not feel heavy when it is stationary. In fact, it looks slightly larger than the 502 of some brands. For those of us who are no higher than the Benelli TRK 502, it is of course easier to operate. Now, it will not turn too much, you will have to manipulate it to move it forward. If the space is narrow, please return several times.

With the engine running, the motorcycle will have a very good feeling. The voice is hoarse. Compared to similar parallel twins, the voice is more like a V-shaped twin, rather than a classic and sharp voice. There is no vibration or unsightly mechanical noise, and the texture is good when touched. With a smooth clutch, you can enter and exit with precise gears. At the first few meters, it feels light and easy to carry. The engine is very good and the response is very smooth. The riding posture is very natural, and the sound is reminiscent of Monster’s air, but your pull is not as wide as in that situation or your hands. This is more comfortable. It drove very smoothly between cars, and it was a successful motorcycle in the city.

The same is true on the road. The thruster is still easy, you can move it at will, lie on the fuel tank or position it yourself. Only the mirror is a bit troublesome. They are not large and the design is tapered outwards, and when you move a little away from adjusting them, you lose visibility. In my case, the height of 1.65m, some crouching, even the frame can deflect a lot of air, and allows you to move forward quickly without trouble.

It’s interesting on the curve. Accelerate very well, no fear, no motivation to jump, very noble. The suspension system is calibrated to the standard, which can correctly fix the bicycle and deliver safety. The engine is propelled, despite the lack of real sports perseverance, although this is constant on this bike. In fact, it is called 752 “S” and is used for sports. Its definition is clear: it does not want to be a sports bike without discounts, but a multifunctional motorcycle that can bring all the fun you want through light riding. In fact, please note that it has Pirelli Angel GT tires, which are defined as GTs, not sports “bags”.

This concept extends to the engine. As I told you, it sounds like the powerful two of the V, and the numbers already exist, but neither open the throttle from below, nor the red area near the lapels, it doesn’t have that kind of pull, the real The driving force of movement. car. Even so, be careful, because it happens like the air monster a few years ago: the engine sounds hoarse and a little slow, making you feel slower than you actually drive, and sometimes you will be surprised when you look at the engine Odometer, much faster than you expected.

None of these apply to brakes. Its two 320 mm brake discs have radial integrated calipers to ensure near perfect braking. The good touch and powerful braking force make RR envy.

He is best


-Very easy to manage and comfortable motorcycle


-Motor response

I will improve


-Larger turning radius

-Just equipment

Therefore, we see the BENELLI 752 S
On the road: 4

In town: 4

Passenger capacity: 2

Comfort: 4

Equipment: 2

Highway: 3

The Benelli 752 S is a well-thought-out motorcycle, suitable for most public use looking for exposed media. It is easy to carry and comfortable, although passengers with high pedals and handles directly below the seat are not getting the best attention, although the seats are “flying” under the seats. During the journey, it is fun and has a good sense of rhythm. In the city, it can be everywhere, although a little more rotation is also good for it. On the highway, although there is no dome, it is not uncomfortable at a reasonable speed.

It was difficult to do when he came. Its Japanese competitors, such as Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki Z650 or Suzuki SV 650, have similar functions, similar equipment, and have created names with high reliability and confidence, which are cheaper than Benelli. However, if their A2 card tracking is successful, then this new project is very likely now.

Picture: Javier Ortega

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