Benelli BN 600 GT: How (II)

Starting from the exposed base of the Benelli BN 600 R, the Italian brand offered a new Benelli BN 600 GT version in 2015, which provides a wider operating range. We show you its technical secrets.

Once you understand how the new Benelli BN 600 GT works, we will discuss its technical definition. The engine is the same four-cylinder engine, with the exact dimensions of the BN 600 R, and uses the same chassis scheme. It is a steel tube structure connected at the rear to an aluminum plate with a rear rocker arm. The cast iron finish is excellent, and the rest of its structure is comparable to Japanese or European models (such as paint or plastic), and is better than the Benelli BN 600 R version. The seats are also very wide. For passengers, passengers have two well-designed handles that can also be used to secure packages. It doesn’t look like a “low-cost” motorcycle at all.

Among the new parts of sports travel equipment that stand out from the bare place, the QJ front fork with a 50mm guide rod and no adjustment possibility stands out. It has a stroke of 123 mm, which is the same as the cantilever impactor in the lateral position. The latter can be adjusted by the key on the pre-tightening force and expanded by the 40 clicks at the bottom of the shock absorber.

The wheelbase is 1,470mm, which is 40mm larger than that of the Benelli BN 600 R. Theoretically, it has excellent stability while providing more space. For the brakes, a 320mm front disc and radially arranged four-piston calipers are used, and the rear is a 260mm unit with dual-piston calipers. The beautiful wheels are equipped with Pirelli Angel ST tires as standard, with a dry weight of 223 kg, while bare tires are 208 kg.

The power is slightly higher than the Benelli BN 600R. The BenelliBN 600 GT can provide 84 hp at 11,000 rpm, while the R can provide 82 hp at 11,500 rpm, and the maximum torque at 8100 rpm is increased by 10% to 5​​6.7 Nm, reducing 1,900 rpm compared to bare.

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The speed of the propeller is limited to 12,000 rpm, which is 500 rpm higher than the bare Benelli BN 600 R sharing its configuration and dimensions (65 x 45.2 mm). The cylinders have a forward tilt angle of 10º and have super-hard crankcases because they were originally used as chassis. The reason is that the technical manager of Benelli is Pierluigi Marconi, the creator of Biomota Tesi, who developed it as a propellant for the future Benelli Tesi, with its front and rear swing arms and shock absorbers rotating on the engine.

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