Benelli Leoncino 250 test: unruly kitten

Leonardo, if you don’t know it, it means “little lion” in Italian. It is a name recovered from the history of Benelli, the earliest brand in Europe. Benelli began producing motorcycles in 1911. After 500, Benelli (Benelli) Leoncino 250 entered the market.

In the 1950s, it was one of the greatest motorcycle brands in Italy and Europe. They made all types of models, but they first made a large displacement version, which is still a large part of their production. However, they also developed a small 98 cc 2T, which they called “Leoncito”, or Leoncino in Italian. Soon after, a 125 4T engine arrived at the “little lion”. The name also has its logic. As you may already know, the logo of Benelli is a lion, and that the lion is also part of the emblem of Pesaro, the Italian city where Benelli was born. Leoncino has a kind of “cool” because it displays the little lion logo on the front wing. And understand me well, it is not a sticker with a logo, but a little lion sculpture on the fender. Have a real Jaguar or Rolls-Royce style.

A few years later, Benelli encountered difficulties while working at the company. In the 1970s, under the control of De Tomaso and then associated with Moto Guzzi and Motobi, they could not withstand Japanese push. The persistent quality issues in many of their models have led to unstable sales. The beautiful 750 and 900 “Sei” six-cylinder engines are indeed very refined. Wonder, the most important thing is to listen. However, according to what the old customer of 900 told me, it is rare for him to get stuck due to electrical problems or carburetor for a week. It is not time to adjust the valve every 3,500 kilometers!

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It was reborn in the late 90s. They restored another mythical name, “Tornado”, which is still fresh in memory since the 650s in the 60s and 70s. A few years ago, this new tornado with a three-cylinder engine caused all those TnT (Tornado Naked Tre). Then, the Chinese QJ Group took over the brand. With its displacement engine and TRK series products, Benelli has developed rapidly with its resources, and now has a glorious time.

After TRK succeeded, Benelli continued to be surprised. The ordinary muscle bike 502 C also had an impact. The bare metal 752 is one of the most anticipated motorcycles of the 2020 season. On the other hand, the new Imperiale will find a place among the purest retro fans. However, Leoncino has the best chance to repeat the mistakes. It demonstrates the retro disturbing style of a very practical and versatile motorcycle. It is not only suitable for 500 cc twin cylinders, but also has a price of 250 “mono”, which is very reasonable and has images that attract people’s attention. Besides, I can tell you that everything is going well.


The Benelli Leoncino 250 is one of those simple but well-equipped bicycles. If there is no outstanding technical solution, it will not be able to perform well, and full correction is required. But this does not mean that it is a simple motorcycle. If you think it is 250 cc and its use is in the city and its surroundings, the opposite is true. Reversing forks, wave-shaped discs, single shocks and even LED headlights on such motorcycles are expensive and enough.

The main structure is a very obvious multi-tube chassis with a black surface. It is the same as TRK 251 (basically the same bike with a different body), and has an inverted fork with a diameter of 41 mm and a rear single shock with adjustable preload. The brakes were entrusted to two wave-shaped disc brakes, 280mm front wheels and standard four-piston calipers. The circulation part is completed by two stick tires and asphalt wheels on 17″ rims.

The engine is also a single-cylinder brand that was previously water-cooled by TRK and BN 251. Its four valves are controlled by two camshafts located in the cylinder head itself. It is a modernly designed engine with powerful functions and fast response. The numbers in the figure indicate 24.5 hp at 9,500 rpm and 21 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm. The gearbox is six-speed.

The body is a smaller reinterpretation of the Benelli Leoncino 500. Compared with the rest of the body, it has a larger fuel tank, a small “leoncino” fender on the front wing, slender headlights down, and ample seats. The chair and the minimalist rear, and only the frame behind the seat is a monochromatic number, which is small but clear and lacks information (at least without an hour clock).

This is a sophisticated bicycle, equipped with enough equipment, and most importantly, its lines are primitive and very beautiful, and the head turns when passing by.

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Benelli is a beautiful and beautiful bicycle. Although it is cut higher than the other 250 citizens, it is not too large or heavy. The original and different scrambler styles have this cost. It’s still very light, and it’s not a big problem to stand still. When the seat height is 810 mm and the height is 1.65 m, I will lift my toes. It is very narrow and comfortable to put on it.

you first. The sound it emits is not too low, and it takes a few seconds to stabilize the idle state. There is no big vibration and the control device feels good. It turns very well and seems to be agile enough for the first few meters to move around the city. You sit upright and hold your hands well. In the city, it convinced.

On the road, he did a good job. It is only 250 inches, but it has an advanced water-cooled engine with a multi-valve cylinder head, which represents nearly 25 horsepower, and also has good lifting and stretching capabilities, thanks to the six-speed gearbox. In this sense, it is superior to 250 other citizens, and it is easy to sail by boat at a speed of about 120 km/h, and it scores higher. However, it does vibrate at these speeds. This is not annoying, but it shows foot spikes.

It can brake well, and although the suspension is not particularly rigid, it is very stable and can perfectly transmit the available grip, thereby providing important inclination and interesting rhythm in the corner area.

Benelli Leoncino 250 surprised us. This is a motorcycle, sold almost at a mid-range price of 125 cc, providing us with excellent performance of 250 vehicles, and the lines and finishes are very good. On the road, he did well. It has grip, braking and riding pleasure, but its performance surpasses many competitors. In fast, stable and agile cities, it becomes an efficient vehicle for people who have at least an A2 driver’s license.

There is a good place for passengers and the bicycles are comfortable. On the highway, it can withstand a speed of 120 km/h, and it can even extend even more if you need to overtake, which is very good. The device is very good, with numbers, LED headlights, inverted forks and other details, but it’s best to reconsider this issue: it can be used on a central stand, and in the city, you will miss the hour clock.

Picture: Javier Ortega

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