BMW F 750 GS test: call me almighty

The acronym F GS contains a very important part of BMW’s off-road history. Obviously, the biggest highlight comes from its boxer series, which has a history of 40 years since the birth of the first R 80 GS in 1980. But the division of cross-country models equipped with “non-boxer” engines. This is also worth mentioning in the modern development trajectory of the brand. In 2000, the single-cylinder F 650 GS appeared, the heir to the F 650 born in 1993, and continued to use a special version of the model until it disappeared in the form of the G 650 GS in 2017. Those first batches of F 650 GS achieved great success in Spain. Sales and laid the foundation for the later establishment of the legendary boxer series.

In 2018, this duality remained in the BMW catalog, and even elevated to a higher stage. The brand-new F 750 GS and F 850 ​​GS constitute an intermediate stage of a wide range of alternative products in the BMW field, between the initial G 310 GS and the maximum expression R 1250 GS, without forgetting the radical S 1000 XR. GS definition. But if we talk about the true epicenter, it is where the F 750 GS is located. Despite its different name, it shares the living space with its sister F 850 ​​GS, which has the same displacement. In contrast, it is best suited to cover various uses in the most pleasant way possible. This does not have the 850 off-road conditions or the greatest benefits, but in any case (including cities and roads), the use of land whose trajectory will be greatly changed is extremely comfortable and has a wider range than “off-road”. This accessibility is reflected in its technical conditions. The performance of the engine is slightly lower than that of the derivative 850, which translates to more beneficial for daily use. Compared with the lower seat height or 19″ front rim, compared to the 850 GS with 21″ front wheels, the idling height or 19″ front rims can achieve the same effect in terms of handling or practicality.

The BMW F 750 GS is defined as a motorcycle “for all spectators”, which makes the A2 license the benchmark. This means that it should be as close as possible to the territory of the GS Boxer because it has a new crankshaft configuration with a draft of 270º (previously 360º), so it has a personality close to a propeller with an opposite cylinder, and the sound is good. If you add more refined behavior to all of this, and it is possible to resort to a large number of accessories and options, especially electronic accessories, then you will convince yourself that it is currently one of the smartest models in this segment.

The most secret of the F 750 GS is the friendship it has established with the rider. Compared with other motorcycles, it makes your city life easier and more bulky. On the highway, even at speeds other than those prescribed by law, it also brings you a pleasant feeling; on the road where you seek fun, it insists on providing you with fun and talking. I think this is a well-thought-out motorcycle, and for A2 users, it will hardly make you need to go further in terms of displacement or in any other sense.

BMW F 750 GS: On the road

Its ergonomic principles make its life as easy as possible. The seat height of 810 mm, wide handles and centered footrests save you from getting out of the car.

In the city

Our unit is equipped with side boxes and trunks. The former are the only obstacles to city driving, although they are easy to disassemble. The mirror provides a good view. Touch control and engine response functions enhance its excellent maneuverability for navigating cars and corners.


Its ease of use is the credential to easily complete the mileage. Comfortable driving position, enough available space, and any range of response engines, no matter how far away, can easily achieve any goal. If, like us, you integrate ESA electronic suspension options, automatic SOS call, cruise control, semi-automatic gearbox, Pro driving mode or TFT display, the relationship with F 750 GS is more than a simple friend.

BMW F 750 GS: Let’s take a look

Its design changes make it look new, even close to the R GS icon. Once out of the city, it will naturally unfold, and the most surprising thing is the discovery of its new engine. It is very smooth throughout the torque and power curve and has a very constant performance. It allows you to start from the demand of only 2500 rpm at high speeds. To give you an idea of ​​its lack of complexity compared to higher-displacement models, a speed of 4,000 rpm and a wheel speed of 110 km/h is the sixth place, and the number is 135 km/h in the fifth place. The sixth place is 160 km/h, who always has absolute skill and fluency. In this sense, only a very low screen will block a very talented scene. The standard equipment is quite correct, although to increase the load capacity, a suitcase and/or luggage must be used. Even in terms of braking, its changes can restore a pleasing engine feel, and the very suitable rear can adjust the cornering speed. In standard road mode, the front fork is a bit soft during sports riding. Lightweight and flexible, the motor stretches very strongly at the middle and low ends, which powerfully guarantees fun. In addition, for space and comfort, passengers are welcome on the 750 GS.

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