BMW F 850GS: Adventure in DNA

If you are looking for a mid-size off-road motorcycle, which is the undisputed leader in the dual-use motorcycle market, then it offers you two possibilities, they share the same mechanical foundation and chassis, so it is a very interesting dual Quotation: Sister of F750 GS, if your route includes off-road pace, F850 GS will be a more complete and well-prepared motorcycle.

At the same time, its function is also more powerful, using more complex bicycle parts and better equipment options, so that it is at a higher level within the Bavarian trail. With the new engine, new body and new equipment options, from the previous point of view, the replacement of the F800 GS is a better bike.

BMW F 850GS: Yes

For many people, the F series is the most balanced among BMW off-road vehicles. This bike is lightweight, powerful and equipped with the brand’s large boxers, and has all BMW experience in its design, which is a guarantee of success on the road. This bike uses a new chassis and engine that are also installed on the F750 GS, but it has more power, a longer suspension, and a large spoked wheel with a front track of 21 inches, because it should be installed on a cross-country motorcycle.

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Like its sister 750, the list of equipment is long, but there are many high-tech products to choose from, so the bike is suitable for all budgets and tastes.

BMW F850 GS: Engine

The F850 GS is equipped with a brand new 853cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, which is a brand new engine with a 90-point crankshaft and two balance shafts, one in the cylinder head and one in the crankcase. Of course, this is a four-valve per cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts. It can reach 95 hp at 8,250rpm, and has a maximum torque of 92Nm at 6,250rpm, which is higher than 750, which can be achieved only through different electronic programs.

BMW F850 GS: Bicycle parts

The chassis is also shared with the F750 GS. The F750 GS is a central steel structure. The engine is fixed under the structure by bolts to form a part of the chassis.

At the back is an aluminum rear rocker arm with a saxophone (ZF) shock absorber on it, which can be adjusted in preload and resilience, and at the front is a 43mm inverted fork of the same brand. The strokes of both components are Longer than 750.

It uses the same brakes, with two 305mm front discs and a 265mm rear disc. The F850 GS uses 21 “front spokes” and “17 rear spokes” to improve off-road performance: off-road tires or hybrid tires can be installed, depending on the purpose of the motorcycle you intend to use.

BMW F850 GS: Equipment

The F 850GS continues the brand’s policy, especially the 750 policy: high-level standard equipment comparable to competitors, as well as a wide range of accessories and options, can be upgraded to the most fully equipped motorcycle on the market.

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It is the standard configuration of ABS and ASC, as well as rain and road riding modes, and standard water tank protection devices. Options include ESA electronic suspension, DTC dynamic traction control, Pro riding modes (including Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Pro modes), LED headlights, 6.5-inch color TFT display with connectivity function, Shift Assistant Pro two-way operation, proximity keys And RDC tire pressure control.

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