BMW F 900 R: Many innovations

The BMW F 900 R makes its debut on the market. Its market segment has a series of unique components, which cover absolutely all technical aspects and is an avant-garde performance in the most remote corners.

The ability of engineers to demonstrate profound technological innovation in every new generation model displayed every season is still surprising. The bare BMW F series is a good example. With the new 900 R, it reaches the fourth generation, which improves the quality of the previous version and keeps pace with a series of proprietary technologies, whether it is its predecessor or its competitors.

When we got close to it, we had found a completely different image in the distance from the one we used in the BMW F 800 R series. The headlights can accommodate the new shape, but the interior has been completely updated. Any new generation of LED headlights are divided into endless parts, mirrors and chips. They said that at BMW, the budget for developing this new optical device is about 2 million euros! Its main role is the pioneer adaptive system in this field, the auxiliary equipment in the German product catalog. Compared with traditional methods, it can illuminate the inside of the curve, thereby providing a higher safe dose.

Once on top we find another of the areas in which the BMW F 900 R presents an absolute novelty. We mean your deposit. This time it is in the conventional position on the engine, instead of under the seat as up to the latest BMW F 800 R variant. On the 900 it is made up of a pioneering method in the motorcycle world, made of very light and finished off by welding. Compared to a similar steel tank, these tanks save about 60% in weight.

In terms of engines, we also found details that are not available in any other nude sports models in its current market segment. The development of the MSR engine brake management system developed in the S 1000 RR superbike is of great significance. It supports high-care driving due to extreme deceleration or emergency braking. It is a component in the optional equipment of the BMW F 900 R. Until now, this component has only been used in models with larger displacements from the German manufacturer.

In order to complete the list of first-class technical solutions on the BMW F 900 R, in the bicycle section, we must not forget the latest generation of ESA electronic suspension related to the Dynamic Pro driving mode. Like the entire Pro kit, it is optional equipment, making the bare machine the most “smart” in the department, because it can adjust multiple parameters at any time according to the specific needs of driving and the state of the asphalt.

In terms of equipment, compared with the motorcycle in which the accident occurred, and compared with the motorcycle that has a place in the market, another absolute novelty is its SOS call system. Even when shooting alone, this solution allows you to keep in touch with the medical team in the event of an accident. As you can see, many of the technologies of the BMW F 900 R not only focus on dynamics and fun, but also provide excellent safety and are always welcome.

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