BMW F 900 XR test: Oscar nominations

The F 900 XR is BMW’s new proposal for motorcycle enthusiasts with road intentions but with a distinctly sporty atmosphere. As a film awards ceremony, this sports adventurer is one of the best candidates for 2020.

Look, it is still difficult for us to be surprised by the brand’s new proposal, but the fact is that we will continue to do so. As far as BMW is concerned, until recently when the German company could not imagine, it was still immersed in the frenzied promotion of next-generation models in various departments. Think about the 310 series, the Heritage series, the scooter, the RR superbike or the looming habit. Limited to GT, the era of quotes for bare metal or off-road versions is gone. But development will not stop, and there is a way to explore these market segments.

The latest novelty lies in one of the traditional features of the brand, although it is one of its newest alternatives. I mean off-road riding in the most fundamental asphalt faction. The release of the S 1000 XR was announced at BMW in 2015. All of its ingredients can satisfy the most extreme sports addicts. It was inspired directly by the new F 900 XR, which was inserted into what we call the mid-displacement field (although progressive Euro regulations have led to a continuous increase in displacement, it is difficult to say that the 900 is “medium”). In this way, coupled with the deeply updated S 1000 XR, these acronyms Sport Adventure become the star of the brand in 2020.

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If we use a series of “rules of the game” to define the real tarmac as the terrain that the BMW F 900 XR tramples on, then we conclude that competition is very restricted. Let’s see. First of all, the standard version requires an engine with more than 100 horsepower, but an A2 license can be selected. Secondly, it is equipped with 17-inch front alloy wheels. Secondly, its bearings, design and ergonomics indicate the requirements of a multifunctional off-road vehicle. I invite you to take a look at the competition to find out what is reduced compared to the competition. This new BMW F 900 XR is on Yamaha (a sales reference in the industry). The Tracer series version is very focused on the 07 A2 license, and the 09 is the most profound reflection of BMW. It is recommended that 07 will not exceed the iconic 100 hp, and 09 will not be able to obtain an A2 license. Kawasaki will place its Versys 650 in the environment referred to by Yamaha Tracer 700, while Honda Crossrunner will use the tracer 900 without the option. Piece A2. On the other hand, Ducati Multistrada 950, Triumph Tiger 800/900 or Suzuki V-Strom 650 have 19-inch front rims that can be identified for ease of use. It’s cheaper than the Germans. The choice between each other depends on your preferences, tastes and needs, but if these factors are taken into account, the new BMW F 900 XR is unique.

What is BMW F 900 XR

Just as the special S 1000 XR came out on BMW in 2015, the F 900 XR almost follows the same strategy in 2020. Until 2019, the average trail running performance of the brand is the most versatile F 750 GS and F 850 ​​GS, both of which are marked with the legendary GS stamp logo, of course, more specifically the asphalt on the 750, although there is no Super sporty tilt. On the other hand, XR is now synonymous with the most dynamic nudity or sports travel level.

In order to further influence its popularity, it launched the latest generation of inline two-cylinder F engine, which is the largest displacement engine produced so far. Able to increase the maximum power from 95 hp of the F 850 ​​GS to its new 105 hp, its new 895 cc displacement achieves this by lengthening the diameter dimension by 2 mm (86×77 mm, compared to 84×77 mm for the previous 853 cc) aims). In addition, at 8500 rpm, the maximum number can be increased by 250 rpm. Instead, the maximum torque data has been retained, which now reaches 250 rpm again, which fits its more sporty definition. However, related to torque transmission, the torque reaches 87 Nm between 4,500 rpm and 8,500 rpm, which can confirm its muscles in almost any engine rotation range.

In order to obtain these results, it is essential to increase the compression ratio from 12.7:1 to 13.1:1, all of which are carried out under the strict pollution obligations of the Euro 5 standard. The basic DOHC cylinder head scheme is four valves per cylinder, equipped with dual balance shafts (the only one in the previous 700/800, and twice in the 750/850) and an anti-lock clutch. In its novelty, it has an MSR engine brake control system (although it is optional), as is the case with the Shif Assistant Pro semi-automatic gearbox, for example. Its crankshaft is stretched at 270º and a redesigned exhaust port has been added to provide a more exciting sound.

The chassis is designed with steel tubes, which use the engine as a joint for supporting work. On the back, we find an aluminum double-wishbone swing arm that can directly accommodate the shock absorber without a connecting rod, and a complete suspension kit with an inverted fork at the front. This does not allow adjustments in the standard version, but adjustments in the rear preload and hydraulics. The kit can accommodate semi-active dynamic ESA suspensions that respond according to the selected engine mode, or It can be adjusted individually in the “Road” and “Dynamic” options.

The BMW F 900 XR is equipped with a 15.5 liter fuel tank. Compared to the bare 13-liter BMW F 900 R, its road conditions are much better. In both cases, the fibers are made from a very lightweight molded plastic method. Another difference between the suspension travel and the bare off-road version is the suspension travel, XR is higher (170/172 mm front/rear for XR, 135/142 front/rear for R). Its vertical ergonomic design is equipped with manually adjustable screens in both positions to complement its optional seat height (775 mm to 875 mm). The distance of the two levers can be adjusted to the fist.

In addition to the prominence of its new engine, another outstanding aspect of the new BMW F 900 XR is its electronics. TFT display with connection system, LED optics, switchable ASC sliding control or Rain and Road motor mode are standard configurations. From here, countless choices led to the latest generation of models. Proximity keys, multi-function buttons, adaptive lights, E-Call emergency call system, dynamic ESA electronic suspension, dynamic and Dynaic Pro driving modes, cruise control, Pro semi-automatic transmission, Pro ABS corners, new engine brake control MSR , DTC traction control system, DBC emergency brake assist system and RDC tire pressure control system are the most exclusive products in the Premium market segment.

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How does the BMW F 900 XR perform

The acronym XR refers to the fusion between adventure (X) and sport (R). Its image comes directly from S 2020 XR, which is another novelty for BMW 2020. It has the contours of optical fibers and optical components, and at first glance, its displacement is significantly greater than the displacement hidden by its twins. The work on the front optical system is very important. Any modern LED headlight is divided into multiple parts, crystals and chips. To give you an idea, BMW’s budget for developing this new lens is 2 million euros! Its white light and amplitude are very significant. However, even though it is an auxiliary device, its pioneering adaptive system enjoys a high reputation in its field. It can illuminate the inside of the curve, thereby providing excellent safety. I have said it several times, and I will say it again: this is a system that must be enforced in the near future on motorcycles. Instead, the taillights are a row of simple LEDs, just like other off-road BMWs, without any iconic meaning. Talking with German officials in the field, they confirmed this impression and promised to provide other solutions in future versions.

When you get in the car, your first impression is that you have been there. The height of the footrest, the handlebars, its width and the ergonomic triangle provide complete comfort and control. The handlebar is not as wide as the GS, it is flat, and the height is suitable, can be driven upright, and has a good control lever to make it bend. The footrest is tilted forward (like its handlebars are higher) than the bare BMW F 900 R, and the standard seat is 815 mm. At 1.80 m tall, my feet reach the ground at the same time without any problems. The seat does not allow you to move freely like R, but because of its location, you don’t need it. After several hours of continuous shooting, there is no fatigue

The first step shows a motorcycle that is light and easy to carry. Just lifting it from the stand requires some extra effort because the leg design makes it easier to bend than usual. But its deployment is very simple. The word simplicity is common to all aspects. The engine responds smoothly when driving in the city. Starting from 2,000 rpm, there is no complaint. The feel of all controls is commendable. Your posture can make you alert to everything that happens in front of the traffic ahead. The turning radius is large enough that you will not feel any heavy steering when driving at low speeds. The TFT screen displays its information in two possible variants, standard vision and sports (which is optional), and has a perfect visual effect, always including a gear indicator in a priority position. For all these reasons, in the city, this is a motorcycle, perfect for those who have obtained an A2 license.

You leave the city and enter the highway or highway. This is the beginning of the party. “DJ” is an engine that you can feel full in any situation. You start to try the road mode that best suits this road. Its maximum power is the same as the optional Dynamic, but at the same rpm, it has less power and less aggressive response. From 4,000 rpm, it has responded quickly, but when you think you can do anything with it, it is between 5,000 rpm and 7,000 rpm. Rolling at 5,000 rpm at 130 km/h is a luxury. Regardless of the rotation speed, there is no sign of vibration. Among the engines that BMW has commissioned to manufacture in Asia (such as the latest 650 single-cylinder, scooter or the previous F-twin engine), it is the best among all products. delicious.

The knees are fully integrated into your vest. With the rolling rain, from knees to feet, you will become dry. The excellent protection function is excellent. Lower the screen and you can enjoy the route at speeds up to 150 km/h. The route map recommends that you use a higher altitude, which can be easily done when moving with the joystick on the inner right side. In this position, its effect is greatly appreciated underwater. All in all, the work of the wind tunnel has paid off.

It is time to leave the highway and enter the winding road. In the absence of other conditions, it is time to press the “Mode” button and select the “Dynamic” option, or if you have previously (stopped) selected ABS Pro or DTC responsiveness, select “Dynamic Pro”. First, due to the joystick on the handlebar, its driving becomes intuitive. Our equipment is equipped with “tilt to ceiling” facilities, so the safety net is absolute: Emergency Brake Assist DBC, ABS Pro for special intervention in corners, MRS engine brake management, DTC traction control…too Oops, make sure they are all optional components, because your wallet will be compromised, but if you consider safety first, then please consider all of these as investments rather than expenses.

Most of the routes during the test were carried out on wet and semi-dry asphalt. In this case, it is very important to ensure the installation of Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires. When the asphalt is completely wet, the “rain drive” option can smooth the power transmission and reduce the peak number, thereby reducing the driving pressure. In one of the information display options on its TFT screen, it lets you know the degree of intervention of ABS and DTC, so you know they can help you. In addition, if you use all the alternatives allowed by its connection system, you can benefit from true telemetry on the street. Inclination (also visible in the “Sports” mode of its instrument), acceleration and deceleration G force, altitude, speed…all imaginable data will be drawn on the screen of the computer or mobile device, so that you Make interesting reflections on driving. In addition, you can share data, create particularly attractive routes, etc.

Not only data connection, what really attracts you is the connection between you and F 900 XR. Easily draw precise lines that seem to be the curve designed for you. In the on-off-on of the accelerator, it will not react suddenly, you will always find the precise degree of gas, and finally see the outlet, and then open it forcefully. The CV comes with the wind of the 105 CV motorcycle, but it does not affect you at all. If you go too fast, you can rely on the power of its Brembo brake, although I personally prefer the more effective first bite. In other words, it also targets A2 users. If RR is required, S 1000 XR can be used. By the way, it equips the warning system with taillights where we are braking heavily.

In terms of suspension, you will enjoy outstanding travel more than naked, in this sense, it is more sporty. In any case, don’t be swallowed by the faltering enthusiasm. R is infinitely greater than X. At best, rough asphalt is the most risky thing. The width of the torque curve allows you to choose a gear without having to use too many changes when the route is twisted. If the asphalt is in good shape, then yes, it’s time to explore your overdrive and play with the “quickshifter”. Its stretchability is addictive, always focusing on cutting immediately after 9,000 rpm. The sound is like the voice of an angry boxer and shows its more sporty side.

The advantage of an off-road vehicle like the F 900 XR is that it does not only have a “two-tooth knife”. There is enough space for passengers, no raised footrests and comfortable handles. Like a pilot, his seat cushion is also very good. Then, you will enjoy enjoying the scenery, contrasts and colors of each season, and if you can’t complement your favorite motorcycle riding experience, you can reach destinations you have never explored. In order to continue to uphold its own philosophy, the BMW F 900 XR was born, undoubtedly one of the stars of this season and beyond.

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