Demonstration of BMW C650 GT: Improving quality

A few days ago, we told you that BMW has fine-tuned and improved the sports scooter. The novelties in the body, gearbox, suspension and many other details make the C600 Sport the new C650 Sport. What about GT? Well, it hasn’t changed its name, and the scope of consolidation is less than its Range brothers, but it has also been greatly improved.

First, the body has also changed. The degree of this sport is not high, almost affecting the entire scooter. In GT, they are just details and colors, enough to distinguish this new C650 GT 2016 from the previous colors. If you look from the right side, you will see the new exhaust pipe, in this case the same as the one on the Sport, but installed almost horizontally, without rising upwards. The tail plate has also been sharpened to make it look lighter (although it has not actually changed). The rearview mirror is also very new, although in this case, there are more reasons than simple aesthetic reasons. I will tell you later.

There are other details that identify the GT as 2016: the GT logo on the rear of the seat, the new finish of the driver’s seat, made of better materials, the appearance is more luxurious, LED taillights (derived from the old) In the “BMW GT Bike Flagship”, K1600GT. In terms of mechanics, it also incorporates the improvements introduced in the sports version, thus equipped with a new transmission, equipped with a new geometrical transmission and an improved clutch, the new suspension setting is 10% softer, and BMW’s new The bracket is 30% easier to use (actually easier, although I don’t know how to quantify it precisely) and the new frame, which is more “serious” in this case, with the GT logo in the lapometer. The engine maintains a speed of 60Cv, has a new, flatter and usable torque curve, and continues to provide A2 owners with the possibility of limiting power to 47Cv (such as Sport) (if free from the beginning).

However, one of the most striking novelties of this C650 GT may be that it integrates the Side View Assist system as an option. The blind spot assistant that many of you will know, this is the first time in the motorcycle world: when a car or other vehicle approaches you, the yellow warning triangle on the arm of the rearview mirror will light up, the person approaching. It has its limitations. When a vehicle is driving at a speed of 25 to 80 km/h (not lower or higher), if the vehicle enters a certain radius (five meters) and the difference between your speed and your speed is no more than 10 km/h, then this The system can work. In other words, BMW will warn you in the most risky cities you have never seen.


At first glance from the driving position, you will see that the scooter has changed. The new handlebar cover, the new material made of plastic, and the redesigned frame now more powerfully indicate that you are looking for a scooter with the largest range. In order to be able to move it as usual, you will have to raise the tripod, because the hand brake is still connected to the element, and when it is extended, the parking brake will be activated. Under the seat, as usual, you can leave two full-face helmets, although you must find their location, and there are two large glove boxes in front. The operation of the engine and the new exhaust system did accomplish one of the most important tasks in its design: when idling, it greatly improved the sound of the C650. On the other hand, reducing this element by more than 1 kg does not make much sense in this case, but it does.

BMW C 650 GT

Other important novelties to pay attention to when driving: Indeed, like the C650 Sport, the clutch and gearbox improvements are obvious after opening the throttle. He reacts faster than before and has a little bit (the truth) longer. Of course, in this case, the maximum speed has also been increased from the previously declared 175 to the current 180Km/h. The suspension has also been softened by 10%. If in the C650 Sport, they still show enough speed for fast driving. On the GT, the driving position seems to make the driving speed more stable. Also on this 650 GT, you will also find the new ASC traction control system.

It is still a comfortable and fast scooter; now it has both. The electrically adjustable screen height is the ideal scooter for long trips on the highway: stable, comfortable and fast. But he was neither “armed with one hand” in the city, nor on a tortuous road: it was not in vain. Under this larger body, the pilot sat further back, still with the same surname as his sister. The steel tube chassis and the same mechanics “motion”.


A logical evolution; a few years after launching this excellent scooter, the C650 GT has become the benchmark for those seeking a true luxury scooter and its acronym Gran Turismo. But this does not mean that it is absolutely perfect: like anything else, it has little to improve or even better. This is what BMW has done with the new C650 GT: more efficient transmission, faster response, better suspension calibration, improved optional safety devices, and a rough redesign of aesthetic details, which make us see We are facing a new scooter.

They arrived at the dealership on December 5th at a price of 11,700 euros, including standard ABS/ASC. If I want to be equipped with the Side View Assistant system, I must purchase the optional Safety package, which costs 552.58 euros, which also includes the new LED daytime running light system, which can automatically switch to a pedestrian crossing at night or in a tunnel. However, if you order before the end of this year, BMW is responsible for the high-end kit. In other cases, the price of the kit is 648.43 euros, which has heated seats and handles and an RDC tire pressure control system. In the frame.

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