Honda CB 1000 R: Makeup changes

The Honda CB 1000 R is the largest reference in the Neo Sports CafĂ© series. Its legend begins at 125 cc and reaches “thousands” in 2020, with many aesthetic novelties.

The CB 1000 R, which was born in 2018, is so talented that it was useless only two years after its launch. Therefore, in order to reflect the sense of modernity, Honda decided to show a new aesthetic at the EICMA Conference in Milan in 2019.

Previously, chrome-plated parts such as the front fork frame or seatpost now have a black coating, while the front light crown has a matt black coating. Instead, the internal structure of the front plate changed its previous black decoration to a new metal decoration.

In the same “dark color” sense, in the new 2020 version, the black stripes extend along the top of the fuel tank, retaining the highest-end Honda’s exclusive fuel tank logo. It will be sold in three color combinations: red, black or white.

Like the original CB 1000 R version in 2018, the presence of the electronic throttle TBW (throttle by wire) allows the device to adopt three pre-established driving modes (rain, road and sport) and pilot-configurable modes (user). They all regulate power, engine braking and HSTC traction control.

Showa marked the suspension on both axles, and in its tire section, the 190 mm wide rear tire stood out. The division of the CB 1000 R+ model has also been repeated, equipped with special accessories (heated handles, seat covers or power sockets, etc.) and “quick shifters”.

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