Honda CB 650 F test: defense zone

The acronym that a brand has maintained in the market for nearly 50 years is a good letter of introduction and a guarantee for attacks on its competitors. The myth of CB is unlimited.

They said: “There is no better defense than a good offense.” No matter where you look, the goal is always to win. Therefore, the strategy does not matter, although perhaps the wisest choice is to use each strategy. Honda is very good at these concepts. In some models, he will “break the routine” at a given moment, while in other models, he will follow a path that respects his past. In the model representing the first option, we find legends such as NR 500, the original Scoopy or DCT, which cover very different market segments. Among the latter, the four-cylinder CB series is the best representative, which was born in 1969 with the legendary CB 750.

Fifty years after the first Japanese who ended the British industrial hegemony and its two-cylinder model and later three-cylinder models, we found that it had been well reflected in s. XXI comes from Honda CB 650F. In those days, referring to the naked part was meaningless, because the fairing was an exclusive part of the game. But the basic principle still exists: the prestige of motorcycles suitable for all types of use not only provides the world’s first brand for two wheels, but also supports a wide range of trajectories that are not common in the field.

The new CB 650 F is the direct successor to the long-awaited CB 600 F Hornet, which was launched on the market between 1998 and 2013. In 2014, as more and more bare metal alternatives came out, the CB 650 F version of the reference on the market was introduced for the first time. market. In 2017, Euro 4 regulations brought a new 650 evolution. This second series is part of Honda’s policy to prohibit the sale of models with A2 license restriction kits. This area is exclusively for the CB 500 series. Therefore, CB 650 F is only valid for A license users.

In this case, the Honda CB 650 F is undoubtedly an essential step in the Japanese brand car model. Once the important process of learning the two wheels on the back of any model of the CB 500 series (the bare CB 500 F is preferred for conceptual closeness), the most appropriate next step is this new 650. In addition, in this way, you can benefit from a common foundation because the definition of multifunctional motorcycle and design is very close between the two.

The smoothness of its control, ergonomics and overall inspiration are based on the same principles. Although the power is amazing at 90 CV (remember, there is no limit kit for A2 license), it follows the same method of determining dynamics based on the combination of chassis/engine and maximum data, as mentioned in history Like that. The long-awaited CB 1000 R or Fireblade legend.

One of the ingenuities of Honda’s new semi-displacement naked car is that there is no specific retreat range in this segment (how long will we have to wait?), this is the image of its exhaust manifold. If the equipment of a four-cylinder engine has become a sign of different treatment in these characteristic models today, and is troubled by new trends indicating two-cylinder and three-cylinder solutions, then its design brings us to CB 400 1974. The short silencer is another style of exercise in the model. It has an obvious avant-garde character in shape and is more practical than balanced. Still the same: Honda uses capital letters.

Honda CB 650 F: anytime, anywhere

The position he controls is very reasonable. You sit far away from the center axis of the bicycle, it can control the front wheel well and excellent handling, and can perfectly visualize the traffic situation. The shape of the tank is perfect for feet reaching the ground. Its entire design is based on compactness, allowing maximum flexibility.


The operation of its controls facilitates its driving. The act of opening and closing the gas does not indicate any unexpected events. Clutch, gearbox, brake, suspension… in your city driving, there is nothing to confuse. You only need to pay attention to fully expand the bracket when parking the bracket. On the other hand, its turning radius will not be smaller than the width of other models with inverted front forks.


Once the instrument is out of the city, although the image is too vulgar, it can still provide good reading results. The carbon fiber exterior cover adds another sporty style here. Through its gearbox design and increased power, you will soon find yourself in sixth gear, even though your feet are still looking for more relationships. The whistleblower function that reaches this gear will not cause harm because its engine is very flexible. It outputs from the sixth position at 2,000 rpm without complaint. This is not twins, but the two worlds are becoming more peaceful, both in response to low points and smooth high points. The speed is 5,000 rpm, the wheel speed is 110 km/h, and the red line is 11,500 rpm. In its maximum torque range of 8,000 rpm, you have reached 170 km/h. Then, the whip of the wind was unbearable because his mask did not provide any aerodynamic protection. Of course, the highway is not your best asset. Infinitely good circulation in the country or secondary roads. Here, he showed his greatest ability with the greatest agility. Think about which asphalt you want to put the front wheel on, she will. The available space on the seat allows you to move freely to change posture according to the requirements of the route. In addition, the knees are not very bent, and the kilometers are easy.

In the curve, the ground clearance is infinite. It changes direction faster than your brain processes, and invites you to enjoy the crazy speed of a lapometer in search of higher speeds. Moreover, all of these have incredible sounds. Some people would call it noise, your music…

The quality of the brakes is consistent with the progressiveness and power advantages of its in-line four-cylinder engine. On its own, the way its suspension absorbs irregularities is noble, which is a reference for motorcycle prices and market segments.

Honda CB 650 F: This is what we think

It is commendable that Honda chose the traditional definition of “easy to ride a bicycle” instead of using highly electronic models. But, for example, when you are used to the safety of the backrest traction control system, if you don’t have it, you want to be able to rely on it. In this regard, Honda has always been reluctant to install a gear indicator. Although it is not a CB 650 F, some of their models already carry it. Moreover, because the engine likes to roll at such a large lap speed and such a short speed ratio, it is very popular. At least I prefer it, rather than knowing that it does provide a standard premium for travel.

They are just details, because in this model the whole thing must be emphasized. It has a personal but easy-to-use caring engine, and its bicycle components have no technical troubles (front fork and traditional front calipers or steel chassis), but the operation is impeccable. Its suspension stands out, and all its parameters are gratifying. Its pleasant driving in cities and highways combines with a sense of sport, defining it as a true “street fighter”. It is a real pleasure to hear the exhaust sound at low points and how to hear at high points. Not surprisingly, this is what it promises when confronted with radical LED headlights…


Passengers are well received in the CB 650 F. It has enough space to meet the standard requirements in this paragraph, and its handles are perfectly integrated into the sides of the rear wing. The spikes will not cause the knee to bend very much.

Best and worst of Honda CB 650 F

the best:

Smoothness of the control
Exhaust sound

Lack of gear indicator
Small turning radius
data sheet

engine                          4T, 4 cylinders. Online, water

Shift                              649 cubic centimeters

Maximum power         90 horsepower at 11,000 rpm

Maximum torque       64 Nm at 8,000 rpm

Paused.                      Telescopic fork, 41 mm

After the pause.        Bath alumni, 1 vendor

Front/rear brakes.     2D 320mm/D.240mm

chassis.                       Double steel beam

tired.                            120 / 70-17

Rear tires.                   180 / 55-17

long. Max                     2,110 mm

Between axis               1,450 mm

Chair height                   810 mm

Lad deposit                     17 liters

Declared weight              211 kg

price                                  €7,999

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