Honda CB125M and CB125X concept cars: a glimpse into the future

The Japanese brand showed two 125 prototypes in Milan. These prototypes are based on the 2018 Honda CB125R. Both models are handled by the R&D Honda design studio in Rome, and the brand’s future 8-liter models are expected.

As usual, Honda brought several futuristic prototypes to different design studios. In this sense, the 2018 Milan Auto Show witnessed two new 125 cc designs displayed at Honda’s R&D center in Rome: CB125M and CB125X. Both models borrowed from the 2018 Honda CB125R formula.

In recent years, the 125cc market segment has begun to recover. In 2018, the European market has grown by 25%; the concept model provided by the Rome Design Studio provides two very avant-garde suggestions for the eighth-liter model.

Honda CB125M

CB125M is an asphalt-oriented version, highlighted by its bright red color. The futuristic line cut is minimal and aggressive, and the seat part flows seamlessly to the tall and short tail, bringing the prototype closer to the shape of a motorcycle in the superbike segment.

Honda CB125X

Honda CB125X is the interpretation of adventure. With its distinctive shape, its lines are reminiscent of competing models in regular rallies. The front of the CB125X is eye-catching with its three headlights: a central lampshade and two headlights hidden in the side fairings, while the high handlebars and windshield reaffirm the off-road capability of the prototype.

Two models; two completely different interpretations show the future direction of Honda in the 125 market segment.

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