Honda Forza Motorsport 750: launch of the largest large scooter in 2021

Honda has announced the launch of a new high-displacement Maxi scooter. After weeks of confidentiality, all the details of the largest scooter of 2021 are finally revealed: this is the Honda Forza 750.

Sometimes the “show and hide” games in these motorcycle shows that lasted for several weeks ended up disappointing. When you see what they are saying and have not met the most optimistic expectations, you feel a little cold. This is not the case with the new Honda Forza 750.

This is a new drop in the platforms already used for Honda Integra and Honda X-ADV. The first is the beginning of the original route with dual-clutch propellers, and the second was born from the imagination of the Italian designer of the brand, just “decorating” the salon’s booth with the “concept” mixture of African twins and Integra. , But it was so successful that it quickly entered the series, which was a complete blockbuster. It is logical that the brand is considering applying this concept to all-road vehicles (or asphalt roads including cities) to more closely compete with rival two-cylinder sports and GT scooters.


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This time there is no doubt: Integra is said to be a scooter, but soon the brand revealed that it is more like an automatic motorcycle concept. With X-ADV, the definition is even more complicated. Some people are talking about “the concept of SUV transferred to motorcycles” or “cross-border spirit”. This time, the official speech read “Honda has created a brand new large-capacity scooter.” In addition, the selected names (including those in the Forza series) eliminate all doubts.



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Compared with X-ADV, the bicycle parts structure of the new Honda Forza 750 is more similar to Integra. The aluminum rocker arm with Pro-link rear suspension and 41mm inverted fork is fixed to the steel tube frame. It uses two 310mm front discs with radial calipers and 17 “front wheels and 15” rear wheels. For its part, the engine is the latest development of the known parallel twin-cylinder engine, which has an 8-valve cylinder head, a single camshaft and long-stroke internal dimensions to provide the quiet and torque that these engines bring But it also comes with some interesting new features. feature. . It now outputs 43.1 kW at 6,750 rpm (actually 58 hp) and a torque of 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm, exceeding the Euro 5 regulations. It includes a 270ยบ crankshaft, two balance shafts, and a version with a power limit of 35 kW for A2 license holders.


The electronic protagonist in Honda Forza Motorsport 750

Honda Forza 750 is equipped with an electronic throttle, which can realize three driving modes: standard, sport and rain, and a fourth user configurable by the driver. Each mode establishes a way to transmit power, engine braking level, ABS intrusion level and traction control. The latter can be configured in three levels and disconnected.

The DCT dual clutch transmission also offers many possibilities. On the one hand, you can safely install it automatically, or you can use the control on the left to place it in a manual transmission. In automatic mode, it has four adjustment levels, from the softest state (changes and decreases during low laps to minimize consumption and maximum smoothness) to the most aggressive state, which usually changes in sports driving Or reduce many turns.

The equipment of the Honda Forza Motorsport 750 is of a high level. Like other Forza Motorsport series, all lighting is LED, and the gap under the seat is 22 liters, which is large enough to accommodate a full-face helmet with a USB plug and a glove box on the right. The frame consists of a color TFT screen with a new voice interface system. Now you can give voice commands to the phone while wearing the microphone in the helmet and connecting the phone to the motorcycle. Of course, it comes with a proximity button to control the ignition and block or unlock the optional rear luggage compartment. It is equipped with an emergency brake light (the rear indicator light is turned on when strong braking is detected), and the indicator light is automatically cancelled. Its new safety system is also interesting: if you try to force the steering lock, the clutch system prevents it from breaking, so it prevents the scooter from being easily carried.

The operating weight of the new Honda Forza 750 is 235 kg. With a seat height of 790 mm, it will be equipped with an important catalog of accessories. In addition to the trunk, a set of side boxes can also be installed to make it a real touring GT scooter. As the price has not yet been determined, the first batch of units will be listed at the end of 2020.

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